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The Reaction Engines Limited LAPCAT Configuration A2 (called the LAPCAT A2 ) is a design study for a hypersonic speed jet airliner intended to provide environmentally friendly , long range , high capacity commercial transportation. The aircraft was designed by the British aerospace engineering firm Reaction Engines Limited , who claim it could be developed into a working aircraft within 25 years once there is market demand for it. The aircraft was designed as part of the LAPCAT programme of the European Union , but has not yet been commercially launched.

The vehicle is intended to have about 20,000 kilometres (12,000 mi) range and good subsonic and supersonic speed fuel efficiency , thus avoiding the problems inherent in earlier supersonic aircraft. The top speed is projected to be Mach 5+. It calls for the use of liquid hydrogen as a fuel, which has twice the specific impulse of kerosene , and can be used to cool the vehicle and the air entering the engines via a precooler .

The developers say it would be able to fly from Brussels to Sydney in about 4.6 hours, compared to around a complete day of travel with normal aircraft. The cost of a ticket is intended to be roughly business class level. [1]

Airbus S.A.S. ( Société par Actions Simplifiée , del francés : Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada) es una división de Airbus Group S.E. ( Societas Europaea ) que construye aviones civiles. Su sede está en Blagnac, un barrio de Toulouse , Francia . [ 1 ] ​ [ 2 ] ​ Su producción y sus manufacturas están, sobre todo, en Francia , Alemania , España , China y el Reino Unido .

La consolidación de la defensa europea y de las compañías aeroespaciales en 1999 y en el 2000 permitieron el establecimiento de una Sociedad Anónima en 2001, adquirida por EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, Compañía Europea Aeronáutica de Defensa y Espacial) (80 %) y por BAE Systems (20 %). Después de un periodo prolongado, BAE vendió su accionariado a EADS el 13 de octubre de 2006. [ 3 ] ​

Airbus da empleo a unas 63.000 personas en 16 lugares de cuatro países: Francia, Alemania, España y el Reino Unido. El ensamblaje final tiene lugar en Toulouse, Francia; Hamburgo , Alemania; Sevilla , España; y, desde 2009, y conjuntamente con otra empresa, en Tianjin , China. [ 4 ] ​ Airbus tiene empresas subsidiarias en los Estados Unidos , Japón y la India .

An aircraft dispatcher for a major airline tells us about the training and knowledge requirements of a dispatcher. Also, the FAA says they don’t need to regulate airline seat space, Delta goes only nine abreast on the 777-200ER, Boeing and Embraer sign an MOU, and JetBlue steps up to help a pet in distress. We have an interview with the executive director of the PIMA Air & Space Museum, and we talk about going supersonic, more airmail navigation arrows, and the Equator Aircraft P2 Xcursion first test flight.

Mike Karrels is an aircraft dispatcher for a major airline based in the United States. He owns a share of a vintage 1963 Beechcraft Musketeer and hosts the Flying and Life podcast which covers the duties of a dispatcher and dives into the complex details of airline operations and flight planning. We last talked with Mike at the National Air & Space Museum in Episode 508 and here we expand the conversation about becoming an aircraft dispatcher.

Mike explains that dispatcher training requirements are defined in 14 CFR Part 65, Subpart C – Aircraft Dispatchers . Content and minimum hours are specified in 14 CFR 65.61 – Aircraft dispatcher certification courses: Content and minimum hours and 14 CFR Appendix A to Part 65, Aircraft Dispatcher Courses lists the knowledge topics. There are currently 57 Part 65 schools approved to teach: FAA-Approved 14 CFR Part 65 Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Courses [PDF]. We also look at the dispatcher practical exam, recurrent training, and the annual desk check.