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New Delhi, January 10: Deveshi Kulshrestha, a Jet Airways air hostess arrested for smuggling Rs 3.34 crore in US dollar said that she was not aware of the global smuggling chain and informed police that her husband deposited her money in the bank which she was paid by her masters. Air hostess also named two more employees of the airline.

The 25-year-old was arrested from a flight about to leave for Hong Kong from the Delhi airport in the early hours of Monday. She was allegedly roped into smuggling out foreign currency multiple times as part of an international network.

She has allegedly given details about two more Jet employees involved in the hawala transactions. Kulshrestha was allegedly paid Rs 1 lakh for each trip. Investigators claim that her husband wasn’t aware of her dealings.

For a 6 hour flight both Jet and AirIndia are ok but at service point of view Jet is slightly above AirIndia.AirIndia operates Boing 787 dreamliner whereas Jet operates Airbus A 330 on Delhi Singapore Delhi route.

Both Air India and Jet are good. As the above post sates,the advantage with Air India is is that they have the Dreamliner on this route. It is very comfortable compared to the A330.

I haven't flown to Singapore by AI as I have only used Silk Air and unfortunately Silk Air doesn't fly to New Delhi.

New Delhi: A consortium of Jet Airways, Air France-KLM and Delta Airlines understood to have expressed interest in the disinvestment of national carrier Air India, according to sources.

Moving ahead with the strategic disinvestment of loss-making Air India , the government is expected to soon invite Expression of Interest (EoI) from the bidders.

Against this backdrop, sources said a consortium of three full services, including Jet Airways, are keen to put in their bid for the national carrier.