Jet air 600

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Canadair CL- 600 -2B19 Regional Jet CRJ-200LR of Austrian Arrows ... a Bombardier CRJ-200, ... an Air Canada Jazz Bombardier CRJ-100 which originated in Moncton, ...

The Bombardier CRJ700, ... Air Canada limiting the maximum seating capacity of any jet aircraft at Air Canada ... of the CRJ1000 is the CL- 600 -2E25 ...

The Challenger 600 is more like an airliner than a private jet. Comparable to the Boeing 737, it offers much more cabin space than any similar aircraft. It is quiet, fairly economical, and handles well. Pilots love to fly it, and passengers love the spacious, comfortable cabin and transcontinental range.

To be exact, the cabin has a width of 8.2 feet and a height of 6.1 feet. It is usually configured to seat between nine and twelve passengers, but can be configured for as many as nineteen. Needless to say, it’s a very roomy private jet. The cabin is comfortable not only for its size, but also for its very low noise and vibration levels. There are 115 cubic feet of baggage space available in an internal compartment.

The Challenger 600 has four backup power systems. Its primary system is the 115-VAC 400-Hz electrical system. It gives more power and voltage than the DC power systems usually installed in business jets. An AC alternator serves as the first backup system, and an AlliedSignal GTCP 36-100E APU along with another AC generator and air-driven generator (ADG) are the second and third backups. This system powers many of the Challenger 600’s functions: hydraulic pumps, wing flaps, landing lights, and various anti-ice systems. Its bleed air is used to start the engines and control environmental systems.