Reverse air jet

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To cater for the wide variation of air volumes encountered in these types of systems we are able to offer a variety of fan options, which can be mounted either directly on the units or at floor level adjacent to the units. Alternatively, the units may be provided without fans for incorporation into either existing systems or fitting with free issue fans. Our engineers are at hand to select the correct fan for your particular requirement when necessary or at anytime for assistance.

This is repeated on each of the diaphragm progressively moving along the filter unit to clean all of the cartridges/bags. The interval between cleaning and the period for which the solenoid and consequently, diaphragm remain open are variable set by dials within the control panel. An air saver option is available utilizing a pressure differential switch monitoring the pressure across the filter media. This ensures that the cleaning of the filter media only occurs when required.

Our standard range of fans from 0.7Kw up to 18.5Kw is designed to give high-energy efficiency for the volume being handles whilst still delivering sufficient external pressure to cover most of the range of commonly encountered problems. The fan impellors are of backward inclined plate mounted type and are mounted directly onto the motor shaft.