Jet runs on compressed air

One of the most important considerations when flying remote-controlled airplanes is weight. Especially if the airplane has a motor, this has a huge potential impact on weight. For this reason, [gzumwalt] embarked on his own self-imposed challenge to build an engine with the smallest weight and the lowest parts count possible , and came away with a 25-gram, 8-part engine.

The engine is based around a single piston and runs on compressed air. The reduced parts count is a result of using the propeller axle as a key component in the engine itself. There are flat surfaces on the engine end of the axle which allow it to act as a valve and control its own timing. [gzumwalt] notes that this particular engine was more of a thought experiment and might not actually produce enough thrust to run an airplane, but that it certainly will spark up some conversations among RC enthusiasts.

The build is also one of the first designs in what [gzumwalt] hopes will be a series of ever-improving engine designs. Perhaps he should join forces with this other  air-powered design  that we’ve just recently featured. Who else is working on air-powered planes? Who knew that this was a thing?

I am trying to build my own jet but lack the resources to come up with something like a small to medium sized Gulfstream. I want to start by knowing every piece that makes up the jet, every single material used to the most exact detail and overall cost (which will be very low compared to the buying price). I also wish to reach out to those interested to discuss things like finding the exact details (blueprint?) to a jet of our choosing, talk about cost of building, or simply learn more about getting a build going for someone interested. i believe a 50 million US dollars jet can be handmade for 1-3 million US dollars. my email

okay i know this sounds stupid but im wanting to make a real working ironman suit but i need to know how to make to turbine small enough to fit the hand and feet so my suit can fly. i need some help. more or less hands on help.

Im pretty sure iron man doesnt yse simple turbine engines for his advance suit,one if the engines where that small it would not work and two in the movie he has flew in space and water.