Hosokawa micron micron air jet sieve

Hosokawa powder mixing technologies are used for many applications: to improve product quality, to coat particles, to fuse materials, to wet, to disperse in liquid and more.

Hosokawa Micron has developed a wide range of innovative (freeze) drying and cooling technologies meeting your requirements for drying of powder, paste, slurry and liquid applications.

Hosokawa Agglomeration - or particle size enlargement - technologies are great tools to improve physical properties like flowability, wettability, dispersibility, bulk density and product appearance.

As a leading supplier of technology with 700 employees at our headquarters in Augsburg and in Leingarten, we develop, engineer and install machines and systems for process technology and film extrusion for our customers all over the world.

Proven since over 110 years: our mills, classifiers, compactors and turnkey systems for the production of fine powders and granules, for mineral base materials, in the chemicals / pharmaceuticals industries, for foodstuffs and for recycling tasks.

We are a leading international manufacturer of complete Blown Film Extrusion Equipment ranging from single extruder mono-lines to 11-layer high barrier film lines. Alpine’s X-Die is considered the “Gold Standard” in the Blown Film Industry.