Blue jet air

This intake is awesome!! It looks so much cooler than the stock air box the engine comes with! The engine sounds anf feels better. Significant power difference before i got intake i was topping out at 33-35mph now i top out at 58mph! I have a 42T sprocket with 10T clutch riding on some 11/7.5-5" tires. It geels so good to go so fast on these little karts!

Parts came in quickly with the utmost care in packaging to protect the items. Super easy to install and started back up on the first pull. A big noticeable difference in take off speed, throttle control and top end speed. Using an app on my phone previous to upgrade, the cart would not go above 21-22 mph. After the upgrade on the same course and same route I topped out at just over 30mph. I highly recommend this kit to anyone that wants a little more for their kart. My kids love it. I'm not gonna lie, I love it too!

The air cleaner is nice quality. I installed it on a hond clone The jet kit made it run strong nesmooth. Theonlytroible I be ws installing the choke bracket. I had to modify it and the choke abit for it to fit and pro properly.