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Reports say China put its stealth fighter — the J-20 — into service last month. The aircraft, built by the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation, is a twin-engine multi-role fighter that can reach speeds of 2,100 kilometers per hour. It’s believed the J-20 will have two primary missions. First, it could be deployed as a long range air-to-air fighter capable of engaging aircraft such as tankers and intelligence reconnaissance planes used by the United States. Secondly, the J-20 could be used to bypass air-defense systems and serve as a strike fighter to attack ships or destroy land-based targets such as communication facilities.

The J-20 has some notable flaws. Most experts agree the aircraft possesses excellent low-observable (LO) stealth characteristics from the front angle. However, the rest of the fighter’s design suggests the aircraft would be identified by radar systems from side or rear angles. This would likely limit China’s potential role as a deep-strike fighter.

The J-20 gives the People’s Liberation Army Air Force the capability to engage targets at distances up to 200 kilometers using the PL-15 air-to-air missile. It’s unclear if the PL-15 is fully deployed now, but it’s predecessor, the PL-12, can reach targets up to 100 kilometers away. That capability gives it a significant military advantage against its lesser rivals in the South China Sea.

For bookings in New Zealand Dollars ( NZD ) a Booking and Service Fee of NZD $5 to NZD $12.50 per passenger, per flight applies to payment options other than POLi, voucher and Jetstar MasterCard.

Luxury, convenience and flexibility are words associated with business jets. "Affordability" is not. Nextant Aerospace was formed in 2007 to change this perception, and to make business jets accessible to small and mid-size companies as well as the large corporations which traditionally have provided the market for these aircraft.

The challenge: Deliver the latest in business jet technology without passing on the costs associated with clean-sheet design and at the same time reduce operating costs. The solution: Introduce the concept of remanufacturing to business jets, applying the transformative principles of modernization and modification.

Our unique remanufacturing process delivers a product with advanced technology, improved reliability and a life expectancy that meets or exceeds that of competitive aircraft at a fraction of the cost. Our launch aircraft, the 400XT, features a new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ avionics suite, ultra-efficient FJ44-3AP engines by Williams International™ and many structural and aerodynamic enhancements. The aircraft also features the flat-floor and "squared-oval" comfort of the Beechjet cabin upon which the 400XT is based.