Converting bathtub to air jet tub

Imagine a spacious shower  with no slippery porcelain hump to step over … and no more battles with the shower curtain each time you shampoo. And maybe a bench, too? Sounds  heavenly.

Even if you only use your tub to wash the mini-blinds, most real estate agents are adamant about having at least one bathtub in your house to preserve marketability.

(Of course, this is just advice, so if your heart is set on a shower-only home, by all means do it. That’s why you own a home, so you can do what you want. Enjoy and read on …)

Have you always dreamed of having a soothing relaxing jacuzzi type whirlpool bathtub but are settling for just a plain old tub?

Well now you can have that whirlpool tub. Tubz Plus can install jets in YOUR BATHTUB, without removing the tub or disturbing any tile or plumbing.

The standard conversion includes a 6 jet system, complete with 1 HP pump and airbutton touch control. Each jet can be individually adjusted and controlled. The plumbing lines and pump are all concealed underneath the spaces of the tub so the installation looks just like it was done at the factory.