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Air cooled hoods allow you to ventilate air through your grow light for more effective and even heat cooling. A proper air cooled hood can use air from within your grow room, but is most effective when ventilated from a cooler room, external to your grow room. Combined with some of the products from our grow room odor control and ventilation equipment , an air cooled hood is a must have for serious growers looking to maximize their grow lights .

You will find many models listed in our air cooled hood category are "double ended". This double ended design offers improved lamp longevity in addition to a more balanced light spread. These double ended air cooled hoods are fitted with K12 x 30s sockets. 

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22,286 seats to Geneva, 312 seats to Reykjavik and 10,910 seats to Berlin. Correct at 9.10.17. Credit card fees apply.

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