Cheap private jet charter

For most of us, the best chance we will have to experience private aviation on a regular basis, meaning not having to wait for an invite from the boss or a rich friend, is the plethora of services that have emerged selling singles seats, either on individual flights or via membership. For an aircraft owner or somebody who regularly charters the entire private jet, the single seat, or by the seat, or buy the seat models for private travel, whatever you want to call them, miss a couple key benefits.

You have to travel on a set schedule like commercial airline flights, and you are on a plane with people you don’t know, like commercial flights. For folks who can’t afford $4,000 to $18,000 per hour to have the entire plane for themselves and their friends, these upstarts allow you to the bypass commercial airport terminal, and that’s a big advantage.

Typically, the requirement is to show up a mere 15 minutes before departure, even for international flights. By using private aviation terminals, or FBOs as they are called, you are out of the airport less than 10 minutes after arrival. On trips where the flying time is 90 minutes or less, you can cut the total travel time in half. In some cases, these single-seat concepts use less congested airports, meaning landing closer to where you are going and avoiding the delays the plague major airports. In places like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago, more than 20% of all commercial airline flights are delayed , according to the latest statistics. is an on-line reservation system for flights to Bulgaria.
We team up with some of the leading flight ticket retailers worldwide and in Bulgaria, as well as small independent airlines offering charters, to bring you the lowest ticket prices for your destination. 
For all customers looking for cargo flights we have a huge database or Bulgarian and European airlines who are offering this service.

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