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Noble Air Charter | Our Private Jet Charter Service in Florida & The Bahamas provides day and overnight business and vacation / tourism travel.

AB Corporate Aviation provides executive air charters, private business jets originating in Europe to worldwide destinations, anytime, anywhere, operational 24 hours ...

Hundreds of adventuresome people have earned their wings through the Fargo Jet Center – Flight School . No matter if you’re flying for recreation or career ...

Air Business International (ABI) is a leading aviation services company based in Greece. We are committed to providing the highest level of service for every client with safety and efficiency. We have 30 years of experience building strong industry relationships and serving our clients for private aircraft charter, aircraft management, emergency medical services and tourism services.

Our goal is to offer seamless journeys, with no time wasted. We place our decades of expertise, bespoke attention and our hospitality at the service of every client.

Most people don’t realize when you buy a round trip on a private aircraft, you don’t pay for two legs (there and back); you usually pay for four legs. For example, when you fly from Athens to London, the plane drops you off and flies back empty.

When you‘re ready to get picked up, the plane flies empty to get you, then flies you home. This is called an empty leg.

We believe that offering empty private jet seats to those who would love to take that flight is a win-win situation. Empty leg flights can be available at up to 75 percent discount on the usual charter price. Always, the exact price is contingent on the route and the operator.

Je n’aurais jamais pensé qu’il pouvait être aussi facile d’effectuer une excursion touristique en hélicoptère au-dessus des Cyclades. Superbe et inoubliable. L’Equipe d’ABI est très réactive, très compétente, dévouée et attentive aux moindres détails. Tout a été absolument parfait. Je recommencerai volontiers. Un grand merci à Marianna et au Constantinos !

Justin Jenkins founded Jet Evolution in 2005. It quickly became a leader in business aviation sales, acquisition, and leasing, serving some of the most sought after clientele in the world. In 2014, Susan Kopacz joined Jet Evolution as partner, after running her own corporate aircraft brokerage firm for over 10 years.

As a team, Justin and Susan represent two of the most energetic and successful principals in the business aviation community. This partnership brings together combined experience while also expanding Jet Evolution’s global reach through a combined sales staff and alliance partners in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Jet Evolution looks forward to its continual support of existing long-term clients and to broadening its portfolio to meet the demands of new customers and emerging markets.