Rival four air jet oven

This oven may be smarter than your current oven, with 10 preset functions and an auto-shutoff feature. There are independent heating elements that the oven automatically adjusts for precise cooking. Meanwhile, the oven suggests the time and temperature for the presets, and remembers your selections so you can cook the same thing the same way the next time.

It has temperature conversion and frozen food functions, and can keep food warm for up to two hours, just in case someone’s late coming home ... MORE for dinner. The slow-cook function is ideal for foods that need a long, slow cooking time, and it has a convection fan for even, speedy cooking.

This oven will toast six slices of bread or cook a 12-inch frozen pizza, whole chicken, or a 9- x 13-inch pan of brownies. There is only one rack, but there are two rack positions, so you can fit taller foods or pans.