Citation x jet airplane for charter

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The Cessna Citation X is the fastest cross-continental business jet in the world. While it stands out for its radical edges and streamlined design, it’s the scientific intention behind the design that makes the Citation X suitable for savvy flyers.

With a top speed of Mach 0.92 (700 miles an hour), the Citation X is one of the fastest commercial aircraft available on the market. Powered by massive Rolls-Royce engines originally designed for commercial airliners, the Citation X private aircraft covers one mile every six seconds, shrinking a Los-Angeles-to-New-York flight to just four hours—an hour faster than conventional business jets.

With coast-to-coast range and efficiency, the Citation X can effectively serve both your regional and transcontinental needs.

The Cessna Citation X (X as in the Roman numeral for ten, not the letter) is a long range medium business jet aircraft. The X is currently the fastest civilian jet in production with a top speed of Mach 0.92 (703 mph). This also makes it the fastest business jet in history. The Citation X is powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines and is built by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas. The Citation brand of business jets encompasses six distinct "families" of aircraft. Although based on the earlier Citation III, VI and VII models the Citation X is a significantly different airplane. It utilizes a totally new wing design, engines, and features a glass cockpit.

Note that you will lose tiller control at about 50 knots and no more control on yaw is possible; make sure you are aligned well before reaching this speed

In order to effect the initial speed reduction, place the throttle in idle. As you deploy the larger flaps levels (15+) the aircraft can slow down quite quickly, and you will have to carefully use throttle and elevators to avoid a dramatic loss of airspeed and stall. Particularly for the full flaps extension it is very difficult to maintain sufficient airspeed to prevent fast descent so deploy these only when you are really close to the runway.